Boy’s Epic Battle with a Trash Can Ends in Defeat [VIDEO]

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Taking out the trash is rarely anyone’s favorite activity. However, one boy probably likes it even less than the average person after he was bested by a wheeled receptacle. High winds led what is usually a simple activity to become an epic battle, and the trash can ultimately came out victorious.

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The video, which appears to have been captured by a home’s security camera, shows a young boy attempting to wheel a large trash can along the sidewalk.

Then, a gust of wind catches the trash can’s lid, flinging it into the boy’s face.

After shoving the lid back in place, the boy attempts to wheel the trash can forward again, only to have the lid strike him on the top of the head.

Then, the boy appears to be pushed back as he works to put the lid back down.

This time, the kid manages to make it across the driveway before the lid is again caught by the wind.

The boy once again battles with the lid, shoving it up until it falls into the closed position.

However, the wind then ups the ante, tipping the trash can over and slamming it onto the ground as the boy attempts to keep control of the wheeled receptacle.

After struggling to return the trash can to an upright position, another gust blows it over, sending the boy tumbling to the ground.

The video doesn’t show whether the boy was ultimately successful in his quest to get the trash can to its destination.

However, according to the health bar that was added to the video, it appears he was defeated by his wheeled trash-carrying foe.

h/t SONT