Boy with Down Syndrome Nails Classic Whitney Houston Song

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A video emerged showing a nine-year-old boy with Down Syndrome singing his heart out to a song from Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” during a car trip with his family. Dane Miller nails the rendition, and the clip has taken social media by storm, receiving over 18 million views and nearly 200,000 shares.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the boy from Prosper, Texas even dances to the beat as he belts out the lyrics to one of the songs from Houston’s “The Bodyguard” album.

This video footage was captured by Dane’s aunt, Jeanne Miller, who shared the clip on Facebook with a caption which reads, “Is this boy not the sweetest thing ever?! He loves to sing. Whitney would be proud.”

Speaking about her nephew, Jeanne said, “[Dane] is just very vibrant.” She went on to say, “He’s very high-functioning, so if he hears music, it’s just something that sticks with him. He’s very proud [of the video]. He just smiles and giggles.”

Danna Miller, Dane’s mother, said during an interview, “Nine years ago, God blessed us with this amazing child.” She continued, “We are so humbled and honored that we were chosen to raise such a joyful and loving child. Here is just a little taste of what we experience every day.”

Dana credits her 13-year-old son with introducing Dane to the Houston classic, and added, “When we had Dane, we didn’t know that he had Down Syndrome, but it wouldn’t have mattered. He has been probably the biggest blessing of our lives. He is just so loving and joyful. He is what’s good about his world.”

Discussing Dane’s penchant for music, Danna stated, “He’s been musical since around two years’ old. He’s been playing the drums. He sings. He loves music. He puts his whole heart into everything he does.”

Aside from Houston, Dane is also a fan of Kidz Bop Kids, Taylor Swift, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Comments on the video have been largely positive, with many sharing messages of support and encouragement.

One such comment read, “His pure joy and beauty brings tears to my eyes. Thank you, God, for giving this beautiful soul to this world.”