Man Urinates on Elevator Control Panel. Then Karma Makes a Visit

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A young boy was caught on a security camera urinating on the control panel in an elevator. He doesn’t just spray the base. Instead, he frequently adjusts himself to get the needed height to coat the entire surface in urine. But, he quickly regrets his decision when the prank doesn’t turn out as he hoped.

The incident was captured on surveillance footage, showing the young boy intentionally urinating on an elevator control panel in a building in southwest China.

He can be seen unzipping his pants and aiming at the elevator buttons, adjusting the angle to ensure that every part of the panel is soaked in urine.

Though the boy may have initially been quite pleased with himself, karma quickly made an appearance. Just as he tries to exit the elevator, the wiring in the panel short-circuits, leading to a larger malfunction that leaves the boy trapped inside the elevator.

At one point, the door even shudders, the buttons flash on and off, and the lights go out in the elevator, indicating the scale of the issue.

The boy is forced to touch the buttons, which are now covered in his own urine, as a means of attempting to get the doors to open. He even tries jumping up and down, though that doesn’t produce any better result.

According to the New York Daily News, the boy was eventually rescued. It is not known whether any action was taken against the boy or his parents as a result of the incident.