Boy Scouts Sued for Denying Boy with Down Syndrome the Ability to Become an Eagle Scout

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A father is suing the Boy Scouts after the organization decided to negate the badges his son, 15-year-old Logan Blythe, earned, denying Logan the ability to participate in the Alternative Eagle Scout program. Logan was permitted by his local group to perform modified tasks to gain badges, but the organization says they aren’t sufficient for meeting the requirements.

Chad Blythe, Logan’s father, is suing the Boy Scouts of America for $1 as a result of the organization’s decision.

Logan has participated in the Boy Scouts for four years, earning over 20 badges with his local chapter. Initially, the Utah National Parks Council approved Logan’s application to join the Alternative Eagle Scout Program, a program that accommodates young people with a variety of physical or mental disabilities by providing them with alternative tasks for earning badges.

But, one day after Logan was approved, the Blythe family received a text message stating that the national body, the Boy Scouts of America, determined Logan did not meet the criteria to transition into the Alternative Eagle Scout Program based on the modifications under which he earned his badges.

According to a report by the BBC, when the family asked if there were other alternatives available, they were informed that participants “must do the requirements as written, including leadership responsibilities.”

Chad stated that the organization’s decision effectively revoked his son’s badges.

In a video posted on YouTube, Chad states that the decision is “the very definition of discrimination.”

He sued the Boy Scouts in hopes that the local chapter, which has expressed support for Logan but says the decision belongs to the Boy Scouts of America, and national organization would change their policies.

“I cannot support an organization that does not support my son,” said Chad, “or support anyone who doesn’t support those with mental disabilities. It’s wrong.”