Boy Hospitalized After He Refuses to Retaliate Against a Bully Because It’s ‘not the Jedi way’

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The force is strong with this one. That’s the message many are echoing after 10-year-old Aiden Vasquez was hospitalized after being beaten up by one of his classmates. Vasquez didn’t fight back during the attack. After, when asked why he didn’t defend himself, he said “it’s not the Jedi way.”

Vasquez was beaten up by a classmate at Two Bunch Palms Elementary School in Desert Hot Springs, California. After, he told his mother “he felt it in his soul not to fight back.”

The fight was particularly brutal for 10-year-olds. Vasquez needed stitches above his right eye.

His mother Lizette Casanova wrote about the incident on Facebook, and posted pictures of the boy’s face.

“This is the third year my son is bullied,” the boy’s mother wrote. “Last year he had to get stitches on his face from getting ‘pushed’, losing his breath on the playground for getting thrown down.”

“Now we’re making hospital visits, and I’m pressing charges.”

“Aiden wants me to let everyone know he’s doing fine all stitched up and numb… he said he felt it in his soul not to hit the kid back. It’s not the Jedi way!”

While the fight was bad, the boy’s comments after have drawn viral attention. The news even reached Mark Hamill. The actor who plays Luke Skywalker celebrated Aiden’s “courage and wisdom in the face of adversity.”

“The Force will be with YOU… Always!!! Your fan, MH.”

“He’s right here and says THANK YOU!” Aiden’s uncle tweeted back to Hamill.

The Jedi are (were?), of course, the peace keepers of the galaxy. This Padawan is taking their teachings to heart.