Boxer Showboats and Taunts Opponent. Gets Dropped Like a Bad Habit [VIDEO]

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On Saturday, a Sam Bowen vs. Jordan McCorry undercard fight featured what could arguably be called one of the best knockouts of the year thus far. Sabri Sediri and Sam Maxwell, both undefeated prior to the bout, squared off for WBO European super lightweight title, which was vacant when the pair entered the ring.

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Sediri took on Maxwell in Leicester, England. Sediri looked like he had the fight in the bag, making his way toward what a report by Bleacher Report referred to as an “easy decision” win.

As Sediri gained control over his opponent, his confidence rose, and he began to taunt Maxwell. At times, Sediri intentionally dropped his hands, acting as if Maxwell wasn’t a threat.

Sediri’s brazen disregard for Maxwell’s capabilities ultimately proved to be a giant mistake. His showboating left him vulnerable, and Maxwell capitalized on the opportunity.

While Sediri was taunting Maxwell, Maxwell found an opening and landed a hard hit with his right hand. The punch connected with Sediri’s jaw, sending him crashing to the floor.

The referee began the standard ten count, giving Sediri a chance to recover and choose to stand and continue the fight.

However, while Sediri did manage to get up, he clearly didn’t have his wits about him. The referee decided to call an end to the fight.

With Maxwell’s stellar comeback, his professional record improved to 11-0, and he secured his first championship belt.

Ultimately, you can never assume a fight is over until it is actually over, a lesson Sediri apparently needed to learn the hard way.