Body Armor Maker Lets Himself be Shot With AK-47 [VIDEO]

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Body armor is an invaluable resource for law enforcement and military personnel. Increasingly efficient material construction has made armor, like the ceramic plates demonstrated in the video below, much less cumbersome. And it works, as the director of UARM demonstrates when he takes a 7.62 x 39 round to the gut.

This type of hands-on demonstration is not recommended. Do not try this at home.

There are too many variables. Every type of armor is rated to withstand specific types of rounds.

The ceramic plate here stops a 7.62 x 39, but we don’t know the construction of the bullet. A steel-core round might have punched through.

Would the same plate stop a thinner, faster 5.45 or 5.56? Would it withstand the brute force of a .308 or something larger?

The back of the plate indicates that it would.

This type of demonstration is evidence of a certain level of trust, and it likely included a fair amount of paperwork.

A quick YouTube search, though, shows that they are far too common with the DIY set. Earlier this weekend, in Houston, a house party ended badly when the party’s host put on his bullet proof vest and asked a friend to shoot him.

The friend, Jason Griffin, did.

“He goes ‘shoot me’,” Mary Warstler, the shooter’s girlfriend explained. “Well, [Jason] didn’t think there was nothing in it, and he did. And the dude went ‘@##$ that hurt’ and then he dropped. And then Jason ripped the vest off of him and tried to help him.”

It is unclear, at this point, if the victim died from blunt-force trauma of the bullet’s impact, or if the round penetrated the vest. At this early stage, authorities have hinted that the shooter may not have hit the vest at all.

The commercial for the Ukrainian Armor is a bit more controlled. And the man being shot, despite his lack of safety glasses, seems ready for the impact.

Ha maintains a calm demeanor all the way to the end, and then he cracks a smile that suggests he may have had some doubts.

Here’s an alternate camera angle.While it doesn’t show the gun, it does provide a better view of the impact.