This Game Show Contestant Brags About How Smart He Is. Then He Fails on First Question. [VIDEO]

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Not this guy. The braggadocios contestant seemed pretty confident in his abilities, and maybe a bit too proud of his game-show acumen. All of that is what makes his epic failure so satisfying to watch. If you need a good laugh today, you might as well start here.


Brenton Andreasik, who has just graduated from med school, may have good reason to trust his intellect. Yet he knows nothing about how the show works. This might seem surprising, as he told host Chris Harrison that he began watching the show as a kid, and that the show made him feel confident in being an intellectual.

It was touching. Smart people are cool. So on to the questions.

“Snapping selfies in kitchens you can’t afford and taking a ‘meatball break’ are two things BuzzFeed says every twentysomething does on their first trip… where?”


This is the warm-up. The throw-away. This is the “one of these things is not like the other” questions that is designed to be answered by everyone.

So which would you choose? Paris, London, Rome or Ikea.


There are meatballs in Rome, right? Seems logical. It wasn’t Rome.

Brenton then buries his head in his hands. Has he never been to an Ikea?

What about the kitchens of Rome seem so attractive to millennial? To be fair, med school is about memorization. Residencies are where doctors hone their critical thinking skills.

If that wasn’t enough, Brenton is going viral. Maybe he’ll see some of that fame and fortune after all.