Blind Date Orders $150 Meal, Tells Guy ‘I’m just here for the free meal.’ He Responds Like a Champ.

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One man’s account of a nightmarish blind date has gone viral. The anonymous telling discusses how he was set up with a woman on a date. She picked a fancy restaurant, and the pair agreed to split the bill down the middle. She racked up a massive bill. Then, she admitted she was only there for the “free meal.”

The story was posted on Imgur by a man under the name “YourStickFigureFamilyWasDelicious.” He explained that he had been set up on a blind date by a friend of a friend, and that the woman selected a pricey restaurant for the occasion.

He told her that they should “go Dutch” on the bill, but wrongly informed her that that meant splitting the bill in half, not just paying for their own part. The woman agreed to share the cost 50/50.

The man then said that the woman ordered a $20 cocktail and a $75 surf and turf entrée. She also ordered more cocktails during the meal, bringing her total up to about $150.

He, on the other hand, only ordered a $24 steak entrée.

After the woman had her fourth drink in hand, she told the man, “You’re not particularly attractive and we have nothing in common.”

“I’m just here for the free meal,” she added.

At this point, the man excused himself to the restroom and got the attention of their waiter. He explained what happened and paid for his portion of the meal. The man also tipped the server for the “full bill plus an extra 15%.”

The waiter then agreed to allow the man to sneak out of the restaurant through the back door.

After he didn’t hear back from the woman after the incident, he returned to the restaurant. He learned that the woman tried to skip out on the bill, claiming she had no money. Then, she had to wait for her father to come by and pay.

The post has been viewed nearly 180,000 times since it was posted 17 days ago. Most of the commenters expressed their support for the man’s decision.

“You handled that like a champ,” said one commenter. “Enough said.”

“You played the player at her own game and won,” said another.