Black People Ask Questions on ‘What They Always Wanted to Know’ About White People, Get Surprising Answers

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Social media sites aren’t always the kindest places. Asking a simple question can be met with a lot of hate, at times making social media a pretty polarizing and miserable place. However, sometimes, when Facebook users are given a chance to come together and help each other out, they genuinely rise to the occasion.

Afrocentric Films Collaborative put a simple post up on Facebook. “Okay black people,” it read, “ask white people one question you always wanted to know.” Afrocentric Films Collaborative did ask everyone to “play nice” in the post and, in this instance, the majority did.

Some of the questions were pretty amusing, including one from a user who asked, “Why did you raid the world for spices, and never use them?”

Another user decided to try their luck at getting a real answer, asking, “On the show House Hunters (HGTV) how the h*** are you guys getting approved for million dollar home leans with jobs like butterfly refugee case worker and part-time heirloom tomato therapists?”

“Who invented that d*** green bean casserole,” another asked.

When one user wondered “why y’all don’t use washcloths,” the responses were both informative and hilarious.

Getting an answer to the question, “The h*** is a pinch of salt supposed to do?” also led to some funny replies.

One user took a more serious approach, asking the masses, “What does that fake smile mean when y’all walk past a black person and make eye contact?”

The thread was mainly wholesome, something that many people noticed while openly expressing their appreciation for the peaceful conversation.

Afrocentric Films Collaborative admitted that this isn’t the first time this talking prompt made its way online and that they didn’t expect it to gain so much traction this time around. Instead, they were merely aiming to spur “a great and honest dialogue between Black people (people of color) and white people,” according to a report by Bored Panda.