Bikini Models ‘Run for their lives’ as Kangaroo Storms Through Photo Shoot [VIDEO]

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A group of bikini-clad women got some unexpected exercise when a kangaroo came bouncing through their photo shoot. The girlfriends of Travers Beynon, a tobacco tycoon, as well as other models, can all be seen sprinting for their lives as the powerful creature made its way into the yard of Beynon’s home.

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The footage was captured at Candy Shop Mansion in Australia, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The kangaroo managed to make its way onto Beynon’s Gold Coast property, sending his girlfriends and other models who were there scrambling for safety.

Beynon shared the video on Instagram, adding the caption, “Kangaroo attack at Candy Shop Mansion photo shoot.”

Three brunettes can be seen running circles in the yard. A blonde decided to wait out the unexpected visitor in the pool, a move that some of Beynon’s Instagram followers dubbed “the smartest.”

One of the women, who struggled to open a gate, decided to hop the fence to make her escape.

However, as she was climbing over, another one of the women got the gate opened, allowing everyone else to make it through to the patio.

At one point, the kangaroo appeared to be chasing the women, though the massive animal ultimately doubled back.

Based on the footage, it seems no one was harmed during the unexpected kangaroo encounter.