Best Buy Stops Sale of Russian Kaspersky Antivirus Software

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The Trump administration has been trying hard to distance itself from allegations that it colluded with Russia. As such, military tensions have risen. Diplomats from both countries have been expelled. And now it looks like some of the Russian products that are household names are on their way out of the United States.

Even though much of their market share has been eroded by online sales, Best Buy is still the nations largest retailer of electronics. The reason is complicated. As Reuters writes, the software has been pulled from Best Buy’s shelves “amid concerns that the Moscow-based firm may be vulnerable to Russian government influence.”

What this actually means, though, is open to more speculation. Many feel like the software might allow Russian hackers a backdoor into American computers and networks. To date, this is just a rumor, but it is enough to have many people uninstalling their virus protection.

Best Buy is allowing customers with current Kaspersky antivirus subscriptions to choose another service. They are also supporting those who need help uninstalling software by offering the assistance of their Geek Squad technicians.


The move echoes the sentiments of US government agencies which removed Kaspersky from their accepted vendors. Other agencies are asking for details on Kaspersky’s relationship with the Kremlin, but so far the answers have gone unanswered.

For its part, Kaspersky continues to deny allegations that they are subject to any Kremlin influence and consider the retail and government boycotts to be unwarranted.