Bernie Sanders Mixes Up “Profit” and “Revenue” in Tweet as he Demands Unionization for Video Game Industry

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Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has been facing an uphill battle since he announced he would be running in the 2020 election. Sanders has tried to stand out in a field packed with Democratic candidates but has had little success. His only saving grace may be persuading enough supporters to look at the economy and to see what could be done better.

If this was his plan, perhaps it would have been better if he hadn’t mixed up the terms “profit” and “revenue.” In a Tweet Tuesday evening, Sanders was showing support for more structured unions in the video game industry.

“The video game industry made $43 billion in revenue last year. The workers responsible for that profit deserve to collectively bargain as part of a union. I’m glad to see unions like @IATSE and the broader @GameWorkers movement organizing such workers,” he wrote.

The contents of the tweet seem fine until you notice that the Vermont Senator mixed up “profit” for “revenue.” Typically, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue as it’s a more common mistake than many may think, but this became news as Sanders essentially touts himself as the one who has all the answers to fix the economy.

For anyone unaware, revenue is the total allotted amount of money the business receives from its customers for its products and services, while profit focuses on how much money they earned from said product.

It’s no secret that the video game industry and a booming market show no signs of slowing down, but the profits of the said market are nowhere near the revenue it garners. In fact, it’s quite smaller, according to Fox News.

While many called out Sanders for his snafu, some focused more on the idea of unionizing the video game industry, which many felt could be detrimental.

Ian Miles Cheong tweeted in response to Sanders: “Unions sound good on paper. Raised salaries, free healthcare for independent contractors, etc. Guess what happens though? You get replaced by non-union scabs because your job’s just not that important and there’s literally millions of people in India and China willing to do it.”

This will be something to watch closely as the election inches closer.