Benghazi Mother Gives Blunt Answer to CNN When Asked if Trump Should Apologize to Khan Family

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Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, and Air Force veteran who was serving as an Information Management Officer at the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya when he was killed during the infamous terror attacks on the facility, had some blunt words for Hillary Clinton and CNN during a recent interview.

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Smith famously addressed the Republican National Convention last month and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. She asked bluntly in her speech why Hillary Clinton wasn’t in jail and she continued her blunt criticism of Clinton in this recent interview. Here is her RNC speech in case you missed it:

When asked if politicians had any right to criticize grieving families, Smith said that she did not think they did. The question was made in regards to Donald Trump’s recent criticism of Khizr Khan, who blasted Trump during a speech at the Democratic National Convention. Here is partial video of that speech:

While Smith admitted that she did not think politicians did not have the right to attack grieving families, she also said Trump should not have to apologize for his comments.

The interviewer than pushed Smith to reconcile the fact that she said that politicians should leave grieving families alone, but that Trump shouldn’t have to apologize to the Khan family.

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“I’m not going to put any words into Donald’s mouth. He is saying what he believes he should say. I don’t see anything wrong with that. They haven’t jumped down Hillary for anything that she has said, and she has said ninety times more about things than The Donald has. I’m not gonna knock him for that,” she said.

When asked about the election in general, Smith said that she doesn’t agree with most of the rhetoric that gets thrown around on television in regards to partisan politics. However, she did know she has been treated like dirt and called a liar by Hillary Clinton.

Smith has previously been extremely critical of Clinton, especially for her role as Secretary of State during the Benghazi attacks.

Here is Smith’s full interview with CNN: