Baton Rouge Cop Sues Black Lives Matter Leaders After Being Injured in Ambush [VIDEO]

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An unnamed Louisiana police officer who was wounded in a shooting rampage in Baton Rouge last year filed suit against five Black Lives Matter leaders Friday. The suit indicates that the officer is looking for $75,000 in damages after he accused the organization and five of their members of inciting the violence that resulted in his injuries and the death of three of his fellow officers.

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The July 17th attack occurred last year when Gavin Long orchestrated a planned ambush against officers.

Only a description is given of the plaintiff, but the description does match that of East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’ Deputy Nicholas Tullier. Tullier was shot in the head, the shoulder and the stomach, resulting in brain damage, according to Fox News.

The lawsuit alleges the wounded officer was shot by “a person violently protesting against police, and which violence was caused or contributed to by the leaders of and by ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’.”

One of the defendants, DeRay McKesson, has been an outspoken leader of the Black Lives Matter organization and was arrested while protesting in Baton Rouge last year, according to the New York Times.

When informed of the lawsuit, McKesson told reporters, “This is quite a world.”

Shortly after McKesson’s arrest, he and two other activists sued the Baton Rouge police department over the arrest of over 200 protesters who were acting in a “peaceful nature.” The other four BLM defendants have denied being served papers indicating that they are a part of the officer’s lawsuit, per reports from NY Dailey News.

Documents released by the Baton Rouge Police Department show that before Long went on a rampage with a semi-automatic rifle, he posted videos talking about the police “oppressing” black people.

He also left a note to explain his state of mind in the days before the attack. Long indicated that he had to inflict harm on “bad cops as well as good cops in hopes that the good cops (which are the majority) will be able to stand together and enact justice and punishment against bad cops.”

Long was shot dead after the attack and was identified as a member of an anti-government movement believed to be an offshoot of the BLM organization.