Basketball Player Makes Sure Ref Isn’t Looking, Elbows Opponent in Face [VIDEO]

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While basketball is officially considered a contact sport, one player took it too far during a game on Tuesday night. After taking a moment to make sure the ref wasn’t looking, Kewan Platt ran up to Nate Tenaglia, a player from the opposing team who just landed a three-pointer, and viciously elbowed him in the face.

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The incident, which was captured on video, took place as the clock was winding down on a game in Massachusetts between the Fitchburg State Falcons and the Nichols College Bisons, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

In the footage, Nate Tenaglia scores a three-point shot. Then, Platt, a 6-foot-4, 180-pound guard for the Falcons, quickly heads in Tenaglia’s direction.

After checking to make sure one of the refs isn’t looking, Platt delivers an elbow to the head of Tenaglia.

Tenaglia falls to the floor, grabbing his head and obviously in pain.

While Platt did check to make sure one ref wasn’t looking, another official sees him strike Tenaglia and ejects him from the game.

Tenaglia did not suffer a concussion from the incident and was even able to rejoin the game. The Bisons defeated the Falcons, 84-75.

Platt, who was named the Men’s Basketball Player of the Week by the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference just two days before the game, the first time the award was ever given, was stripped of the honor for poor sportsmanship.

On Wednesday, Fitchburg State announced on Twitter that Platt was indefinitely suspended and “barred from campus” for his actions.

Chris Colvin, the Nichols College athletic director, said officials were “troubled by the unfortunate incident” and were monitoring Tenaglia’s health.

“We are proud of the way our student-athletes handled the incident and that they did not allow it to escalate,” said Colvin. “We are aware that the Fitchburg State administration is handling the matter.”