Bartender Attempts to Make Awesome Flaming Drink. Then Things Go Very, Very Wrong [VIDEO]

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A bartender in Russia was attempting to make a spectacular, flaming drink when things went horribly wrong. As the bartender poured liquor onto an open flame, the bottle was temporarily turned into a flamethrower and sprayed flames into the face of a woman sitting at the bar. [Scroll Down For Video]

The woman jumped up from her seat and flailed around the bar. It does not appear that anyone from the staff of the bar helped her, but several of her friends and other patrons rush to her aid.

The woman in the video was amazingly not injured and was more shaken up than anything else.

However, she ended up suing the bar and winning a 2 million ruble lawsuit (a little under $30,000 USD) against the owners.

Bartender Made A Big Mistake

Posted by Glorion Daten on Friday, March 11, 2016

Here is a local newscast (in Russian) with more details (if you speak Russian) and a second camera angle on the accident.