Barber Pretends to Cut Off Kids Ear. He Freaks Out [VIDEO]

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A creative barber is internet famous after he choreographed an epic prank on a 10-year-old boy last week. The barber pretended to cut off the boy’s ear. The boy, believing that the accident was real, flips out. Some who have watched the video think the barber took the joke too far and that the stunt may have been more than the kid could handle.

Others, though, think Vito DiPalma–the boy in the chair–got what was coming to him. Vito is a fan of practical jokes, and has an ever-escalating joke war going with Jude Sannicandro, the barber and owner of Hair Medics in Naples, Florida.

Vito, on his last visit to the shop, had left a fake cockroach on the counter.

“It scared the the crap out of me, especially because earlier that day there was a real cockroach in our bathroom,” Sannicandro said.

“I told Vito that he opened a can of worms, but he said that he wasn’t scared and was too old to cry.”

So on his next visit, Sannicandro set up the prank. He had a bag of fake blood tucked inside a paper towel.He pretended to cut the boy on accident, and then faked stopping the bleeding with the paper towel.

Vito panicked. The faux blood dripped down his face.

“Oh s**t! Oh, don’t move,” the barber said.

“Am I bleeding?” Vito asks nervously.

“Oh my god dude,” Sannicandro says.

“Oh no,” he says. “Mommy!”

“Shhh, don’t tell her,” Sannicandro says. “I think you’re okay, we’ll just put a little pressure on it.”

“Oh my god dude, I think we need to call an ambulance,” Sannicandro says. He turns the boy to the mirror.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vito says. “Please call mommy, please.”

He then dropped a bloody rubber ear onto the boy’s chest and it slid to the floor. “Is that my ear?!”

“Yeah, it is,” Sannicandro says. “No, no, no!”

His mother, who was aware of the prank, then came into the room. She couldn’t keep from laughing.

“It’s not funny!” Vito says.

“We got another one, what’s the big deal?” Sannicandro says.

Then the barber thinks the boy has had enough. “Hey do you remember that roach prank, when you said I couldn’t make you cry?”

“Yes,” Vito says.

“You’re fine,” he tells the kid as he removes the towel.

“He got you! He got you!” his mother yells.

“But I did not cry!” Vito exclaims.

After, the barber explained his stunt. “I wouldn’t have pulled this on anyone else but Vito,” he said. “He’s a unique old soul, and I’ve been cutting his hair since he was a baby.”

What’s the 10-year-old got up his sleeve for revenge? He isn’t talking.

“I’m not worried,” Sannicandro said. “I will always outdo Vito.”