Barbasol’s WW2 Commercial is Very Different than Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” Ad [VIDEO]

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By now you’ve probably seen or at least heard about the latest commercial from Gillette Shaving Company in which they call out “toxic masculinity” behavior by showing men taking part in some very unbecoming behavior. While no one really questioned that the behavior in the commercial was inappropriate, many men took offense because it seemed like Gillette was trying to portray all, or a majority of men, in this light.

Shots such as the one below which seem to show a large cross section of men participating in the behavior are what have struck many people the wrong way.

[Scroll Down For Video]

Here is Gillette’s latest commercial from their Youtube Channel, it current has 700k Likes to 1.3m dislikes:

So what types of commercials have Gillette’s competitors had success with in the past? Well, back in 2013, Barbasol went the complete opposite direction and embraced overwhelming masculinity in a WW2 themed commercial.

As the video starts the man identifies himself as your great-grandfather. “Oh! Hey buddy,” he says, “Your great grandad here. In case you didn’t notice I’m a little busy fighting for your freedom in this little thing called the Second World War.”

Your great-grandpa then takes the obligatory shot at the Twitter generation before casually throwing a grenade back at the enemies just ahead and telling you, “Look hashtag, if you’re not gonna fight like a man, you need to shave like a man.”

He leaves us with the eternal advice, “Stop L-O-Ling everything.”

Here is the full Barbasol commercial: