Bank Robber Body Slammed and Disarmed by Smaller 63 Year Old Man [VIDEO]

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In order to keep employees and customers safe, most banks will capitulate with an armed robber’s demands. They’ll hand over the money and hope law enforcement can do their jobs effectively. Yet this customer wasn’t about to let this robber walk away with money, and he took him down.

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It may be worth noting that the man who stepped in to thwart the robbery (below) is twice the age of the robber, and much smaller.

John Ryall, 38, tried to hold up Honesdale National Bank in Scott Township, Pennsylvania. He entered wearing a mask and holding a gun. While he was issuing demands to the cashier, Robert Sakosky, 63, tackled Ryall.

During the struggle, Sakosky tried to get the gun away from Ryall. They fight, and move out of frame.

Shortly after, they come back in, and Sakosky gets the bag of money away from Ryall and flings it across the room.

Then he pulls the mask off of Ryall. The unmasked robber, empty handed, fled.

Unfortunately for Ryall, he was easily identified. He was arrested and positively identified by Sakosky and others from the bank. “I needed the money for my kid, that’s why I robbed the bank I need the money, I can’t do anything.”

“He’s definitely a hero, but he’s just a normal guy,” Wade Nordahl said. Nordahl works at the Carbondale Grand Hotel where Sakosky is a manager. “I mean, he’s personable, he’s a good boss, he never gets angry. I’m honestly surprised he did it.”