Band Performs Skit About Shooting Police During Halftime of Football Game

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Someone thought this seemed like a good idea. In retrospect, the decision must seem dubious. Either way, the images of a high school band’s halftime skit are going viral. The images show students dressed as doctors and nurses holding other students dressed as SWAT team members at gunpoint.

The game happened in Mississippi Friday night and saw Forest Hill High School face their rivals from Brookhaven High School.

The move would be controversial at any game, but is even more shocking as two Brookhaven police officers were killed in the line of duty last week.

Even the governor of the state, Phil Bryant, is expressing his anger.

After the game, The Brookhaven School District released a statement.

“The Brookhaven School District fully supports our local law enforcement. The halftime show performed by the visiting band during last night’s game was an unfortunate issue that our district had no prior knowledge of and does not condone. Our main focus remains, as always, on the safety of our students and the student-athletes performing on our fields. We appreciate our community’s support as we continue working to ensure a positive environment of sportsmanship for our student-athletes and those visiting Brookhaven.”

According to the mayor or Jackson, the Forest Hill band director has been suspended. The mayor also apologized to those offended by the absurd performance.

A local new affiliate collected some of the comments posted on social media. Most expressed the extreme embarrassment that seems to define this episode.

“Our band director picks our show themes not everyone is gonna like them but I don’t know why any one would pick something like this. You’d think some of the students would speak up and say something even if we had a bunch of unnecessary shootings any where. Don’t understand. Wonder if they’ll perform this a band competition.”

“Charges should be pressed on them for bringing guns to a school event! There have been children expelled for bringing fake guns on school property! Such poor taste!”

“How was this allowed to even happen? Sick and crazy people. They should all be expelled & who ever is over them Principles & Teachers should be fired. This is uncalled for.
I demand a public apology from this band director and band members. Not written one, but come back to BHS, stand in the middle of the football field and apologize to the entire community.”

“I can’t even imagine what the citizens of Brookhaven must have felt. My prayers are with you all. I’m so sorry that this disgraceful band performed so inconsiderable.”

While the judgement about the political content is at the center of the discussion, many are wondering how these students were allowed to bring toy guns into a school event.