Band Member Used Handgun to Shoot 14 at KY School. What We Know About Today’s Shooting

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Two students are confirmed to have died in a school shooting today. 19 others were injured. The shooter, now in police custody, was also a student at the school. The 15-year-old male student fired on 14 of his classmates with a handgun in a crowded atrium at his high school as classes were beginning.

“The shooting erupted at¬†Marshall County High School in Benton on Tuesday just before 8am,” The Daily Mail writes.

A grainy image appeared in news reports showing police officers leading away a teenager. He was handcuffed and is believed to be the suspect. He was arrested by a Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy almost 15 minutes after the shooting started.

At this point, he hasn’t been named. His motive remains unclear. Some of his fellow classmates have said he was in the band. Police intend to charge him with murder and attempted murder in the deaths of one male and one female student, both age 15, and the 19 others he wounded in the attack.

The first victim, the young woman, died at the scene. The male victim was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. He had been shot in the head, though, and did not survive.

14 others were taken to the hospital.

“He was determined. He knew what he was doing,” one student said. “It was one right after another – bang bang bang bang bang. You could see his arm jerking as he was pulling the trigger.”

“No one screamed,” another noted. “It was almost completely silent as people just ran. He just ran out of ammo and couldn’t do anything else. He took off running and tried to get away from the officers.”

As the school was placed in lockdown, first responders blocked the entrances and exits. Emergency crews got to work outside as more and more police showed up. Though the shooter attempted to escape, he did not.

Some students fled the school immediately. Others were stuck inside classrooms during the lockdown. There was mass confusion outside as parents were turned away during the lockdown.

“The mother of one of the students evacuated from the school described the chilling moment she helped the shooter’s mom after she learned her son was responsible,” The Mail writes.

Heather Adams knew her son had was safe thanks to a text message.

“I noticed a lady that was distraught and couldn’t find her child. I was texting with my son asking ‘Do you know where this child is? Is this child safe?’,”Adams said.

“I stayed with her while we waited. That was the shooter’s mother. ”

“I held her hair while she threw up… She needed an ambulance. She was going into shock. And I couldn’t get an ambulance there. I got yelled at by the police for calling for an ambulance… We got a firefighter’s coat to put on her.”