Baker Mayfield Disregarded Coaching Staff’s Orders to Stop Signing Autographs When He Saw a Group of Soldiers [VIDEO]

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The NFL and many of their players have been viewed negatively by many in the country after players began kneeling during the National Anthem. The divisive act has some claiming it’s their right to do so, while others feel it’s disrespectful. Regardless where one sits on the issue, one player is doing his part to change this negative perception of the players and the organization.

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Baker Mayfield, the starting quarterback for the Clevland Browns, took it upon himself to make sure fans were able to get autographs. The team allows a certain designated time limit for players to sign autographs before they have to head back with the team, the Dailywire reported.

Mayfield was reaching his time limit when he noticed a group of soldiers waiting further down the line. Even though his coaching staff was calling him back, Mayfield disregarded them and headed straight to the soldiers.

He signed anything they wanted and took pictures, according to Hayden Grove who is a sports reporter. “Baker Mayfield was called off the field by the team when autographs were supposed to be over. He refused and signed and took selfies with every soldier remaining on the field,” he wrote on Twitter.

Many soldiers expressed how much this meant to them. One soldier proclaimed he was the Heisman Trophy winner’s biggest fan. Mayfield proceeded to thank each man for coming out as well.

This wasn’t the only time Mayfield has been applauded. Back in May, Mayfield commented on an article that stated an Ohio high school was removing its valedictorian and salutatorian honors in order to be sensitive of students who do not win, reported.

Mayfield, who obviously is a fan of competition as he walked on to two different college teams and became the starting quarterback, went viral after responding: “This is so dumb,” he wrote.”You’re telling me competition doesn’t bring out the best in people? If you want something bad enough, work for it. People are too soft.”

His comments resonated with many as he received over 51,000 retweets and over 242,000 likes.


The 24-year-old’s kind gesture for those soldiers has shown a lot of Americans who have disowned the NFL that some players still care about the flag, the National Anthem and the soldiers who help keep us safe day in and day out.