BACK… TO THE FUTURE: DeLorean to Resume Production of Famous Car. No Word on Flux Capacitors.

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It’s back! The iconic Delorean of the 80’s has returned from the automotive grave and will resume production later this year.

Thanks to a settled lawsuit and a much anticipated change in laws regarding low-volume production of “replica” cars, the first Delorean should roll of the lot in early 2017 – no cocaine smuggling needed.

According to the Daily Dot:

The company behind the new version isn’t the same group responsible for the original iconic car. Wynne took up the DMC mantle in 1995, but has no relation to the defunct DeLorean Motor Company. He has been doing his best to maintain the legacy of that company, though, including refurbishing many originals.

Thanks to Wynne’s claim to all of the remaining parts made for the DeLorean and a dedicated community of enthusiasts and drivers, about 6,500 of the original run of 9,000 have survived the ravages of time.

Last year, Wynne settled a lawsuit out of court with the estate of original company founder John DeLorean. The agreement granted Wynne’s DMC the rights to use the DeLorean Motor Company name, trademarks, and logo. With those rights in hand, the refresh of the DeLorean can officially claim a connection to its ancestry.

The car is expected to get modern touches including a jump in horsepower for an even then-paltry 130hp in the original car to an estimated 400hp in this new version.