Babysitter Caught Kicking Twins in Ribs and Legs Sentenced to JUST 30 DAYS in Jail [VIDEO]

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A babysitter who abused two children she was looking after has been sentenced to only 30 days in jail. The 21-year-old was seen on camera kicking the children in the feet and in the ribs. The nanny has since claimed she does not remember the incident and suffers from PTSD, which she is receiving counseling for.

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McKenna Newell was given what many felt was a slap on the wrist sentence after surveillance footage inside the home showed the Utah woman assaulting the two 5-month-old twin sisters she was hired to look after.

The father of the two children saw the incident unfold on January 5. He immediately called the police and a warrant was issued. Newell turned herself in shortly thereafter, the Daily Mail reported.

The video shows Newell putting a blanket over one of the infant’s face in an effort to get her to stop crying. Court records state Newell can be seen hitting the children in the legs and the ribs after they won’t stop crying.

Newell admitted she was the woman in the video but explained she did not have a recollection of doing those heinous acts. The 21-year-old explained she was “frustrated and didn’t know what to do,” when it came to getting the two twins to stop crying.

Since her arrest, Newell has reportedly been diagnosed with PTSD. According to her counselors, Newell “was actively engaged in treatment, communicating honestly, taking notes and completing homework assigned to her.”

West Jordan Police Sergeant JC Holt explained how the ordeal came to be. “It’s our worst fear as a parent that something like that would happen to your child, especially with somebody you know that you’ve left that child in their care.”

“She lost her patience. She didn’t deal with it in a healthy manner. I think that all of us as adults, we can be susceptible to that at times,” Holt added. “It’s not excusable and it’s not okay, that’s why we handled the case the way that we did.”

Newell must admit herself on October 11 for her 30-day sentence to start. In addition to her sentence, Newell will spend the next three years on probation, pay a $5,000 fine and complete 500 hours of community service.