Australian Model and Pro-Surfer Heads to Texas Firing Range to Try Her Hand at Rifle Shooting

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Ellie-Jean Coffey, a professional surfer and model from Australia, decided to forgo some time spent on US beaches to fire a semi-automatic rifle at a gun range instead. The 22-year-old was in Texas at the time and created a video showing her shooting a LaRue Tactical Rifle with a suppressor, which is posted to her Instagram account.

As reported by American Military News, as of Wednesday, the video, which Coffey captioned with “We’re not in Australia anymore, Toto,” had been viewed over 107,000 times. Currently, her Instagram account has over 775,000 followers.

The video shows Coffey seated at a bench. When she fires the weapon, the rifle recoils, seeming to surprise the surfer.

After the shock fades, she begins to smile, saying, “Wow!” as she shakes her hands.

Australia is known for having especially strict gun laws. After the mass shooting in Port Arthur in 1996 that left 35 people dead, the Australia government implemented highly restrictive gun control legislation that aligned with the National Firearms Agreement.

As reported by Time, it is possible to own a gun in Australia, but the acquisition process and required screening procedures are rigorous. A person must first obtain a license, which requires demonstrating a legitimate need for possessing a firearm, such as being a member of a shooting or hunting club. Safety training courses are mandatory, and all long gun and handgun purchases have a required 30-day cooling off period.

Different license categories also have additional requirements. For examples, a “category H” license issued to a competition shooter requires the person to compete a minimum of eight times per year. Gun collectors with a “category G” license must attend an approved historical society meeting at least annually to maintain their license.

Semi-automatic guns and rifles can only be possessed by holders of the “category D” license, which is the hardest to obtain. It is only available to professional shooters, and the individual must have an applicable registered business and provide proof that they earn an income through shooting.

Firearm owners must also allow police to inspect their gun storage containers to ensure they are obeying all applicable laws regarding theft and loss prevention, and ammunition must be stored separately from the weapons.

We're not in Australia anymore, Toto. #laruetactical #texas

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