Australia Implements Policy That Bars Unvaccinated Children From Schools [VIDEO]

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Children’s vaccinations have long been a controversial topic. Long before President Trump argued that vaccines fill children with unnatural chemicals, there has been a divide in many countries over whether to vaccinate or not. Now Australia is weighing in on the topic making it mandatory for children to be vaccinated.


The “No Jab, No Play” policy is being spearheaded by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that will not allow children to be admitted to daycare centers or schools if they are not vaccinated. The policy is currently only in several provinces currently, but it will soon be implemented country-wide.

Various areas in the country such as Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria have previously demanded that children be vaccinated before entering school or daycare centers. With so many parents already vaccinating their children, it wasn’t a hard sell for legislators there.


That isn’t to say that the ruling isn’t without naysayers. A far-right party leader recently argued that this could create a “dictatorship”-style government.

The leader, who has expressed similar thought on the issue as Trump, said if they must be vaccinated, it should be at the option of the parent after they receive the proper information.


Surprisingly, there are only five percent of children in Australia who are not currently vaccinated. Parents who refuse to follow the law set forth by legislators will lose their child benefit program. In 2016, the average immunization rate in Australia skyrocketed to 95 percent.

The 5 percent of those children who are currently not vaccinated are predominantly made up of those who cite religious exemptions. In 2015, parents were told there would no longer be a religious exemption.


“We believe we can take it further than that – this has got to be a concerted national effort by all governments to ensure all our children can be vaccinated,” Turnbull said. “No jab, no pay, no play.”


Medically, vaccinations have statistically done more good than harm to a child. Since 1990, 122 million children’s lives have been saved from vaccinations.

0322B2Don’t hold your breath that this policy will be making its way to the United States anytime soon, but it does show that other countries do not believe that vaccinations harm children.