Attempted School Shooter Stopped by Police in Shootout

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Rapid response by law enforcement officials thwarted a would-be school shooter Thursday. An armed teenager had made his way into a middle school. Yet he was confronted by police officers. During the stand-off, the teenager shot and killed himself. While the incident has shaken the school, none of the other students were injured.

The David W. Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Indiana has moved students off campus while the investigation is being conducted.

The Indiana State Police has tweeted about the incident:

“ISP Sgt. John Bowling said the quick response by local police and middle school staff likely prevented other students from being injured. Bowling said gunshots rang out during the incident but he did not confirm how many bullets were fired or say who fired them. He also did not confirm the student’s age or if he was enrolled in the school,” Fox writes.

“The fortunate part of this, if there is any, is that no students were injured, and no officers. And mainly because someone knew something and they said something,” the sergeant said. “They warned police and police were able to respond. The school was able to follow procedure to help protect students here.”

The response from law enforcement is certainly one element of the way this event unflolded. The other is the tip given to those officials. Someone tipped them off as the armed teenager was on his way to the school.

The officers then responded immediately and arrived at the school just as the teenager did. The tip had warned that the kid had the “intention of hurting people.”

Early reports suggest that there was an exchange of gunfire, though the details on this are not yet public. The death, though, has bee labeled a suicide.

After a cursory investigation, the lock-down at the school was lifted and the students were reunited with their parents.

“Once all Dennis students are accounted for, we will begin the reunification process,” Richmond Community Schools tweeted. “Dennis students will be transported to Richmond High School. Parents will be reunified with their Dennis student at Civic Hall.”

“It was terrifying. My daughter had just walked in, and I thought she would be a target in the hallway,” parent Pam Sexton told reporters. “I’m still shaking. I can see it on the news, but it’s scary when it’s your own baby.”