Atheists Demand School Cancel Lord’s Prayer at Graduation. Students Took Matters Into Their Own Hands

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A small group of atheists demanded that East Liverpool High School, in Ohio, immediately stop their practice of singing the Lord’ Prayer during their graduation ceremonies.

Even students who weren’t religious or Christ

School Board President Larry Walton said the school district backed down on the issue in the first place because he felt it was a case they wouldn’t be able to win legally and they simply did not have the money to fight the case in a lengthy court battle.

According to another local report:

“When I was first on this board I expressed a concern about us singing. The comment made was that ‘we know we are breaking the law, we will do it until we get caught.’ Well, ladies and gentlemen we got caught,” said Board President Larry Walton.

He emphasizes that his decision is not based on his own views but, the views of the Supreme Court.

“I’m sorry this happened but, it’s a war we cant win,” said Walton.