At least 1 Dead and 13 Injured as Car Plows into Pedestrians in Times Square [VIDEO]

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One person has been killed, and 13 others injured, after a speeding car hopped a curb and plowed into pedestrians in New York’s Times Square on Thursday, just before noon. The driver of the car has been taken into custody. This story is still developing, so these numbers are preliminary figures.

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The Fire Department of New York was on scene, treating the 13 injured victims. They have not confirmed any deaths from the accident, but Reuters is reporting one fatality.

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The police have taken the driver into custody, though his or her condition remains uncertain. The driver has yet to be identified.

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The incident bears striking similarities to many recent terror attacks in Europe, and the police have locked down several buildings surrounding the crash site as a precaution. Terrorists often lure first responders and police to a location with an accident and then follow with a larger, targeted attack.

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Roadblocks have been set to prevent any more traffic in the area. Governor Cuomo is reportedly en route to the location.