As Hurricane Irma Drew Near, Orlando Lowe’s Customer Offered Last Generator to Stranger in Need

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Like many who were slated to be in the path of Hurricane Irma, Pam Brekke spent multiple days going from one store to the next in an effort to gather supplies. During her search for a generator, she came to a Lowe’s and got in line hoping to receive one of 216 generators the store received in a surprise shipment.

As reported by WFTV, Brekke, who had traveled 30 miles from her home in Sanford, Florida, during her search for a generator, waited in line at a Lowe’s in Orlando to see if she would be able to purchase one of the generators the store received.

When her turn came, she was informed the customer in front of her received the last one.

Brekke had been searching for a generator to help support her father’s need for supplemental oxygen.

She said, “My father’s on oxygen, and I’m worried about this storm,” while wiping away tears.

Ramon Santiago, another Lowe’s customer, saw Brekke was in distress and approached her, offering the generator he was going to purchase.

Santiago, whose first language isn’t English, was not aware why Brekke was in such desperate need of a generator.

“She need the generator,” said Santiago. “It’s okay. No worry for them.”

The pair embraced for a moment before Santiago continued shopping for supplies.

“I don’t know him at all,” said Brekke while talking with reporters. “He’s a stranger. He’s an angel from God is what he is.”

“I’m very overwhelmed by that man,” said a thankful Brekke. “That gentleman was a great gentleman right there. God will bless that man.”

At that time, it was unknown whether the store would receive any more generators.

Video of Santiago’s selflessness quickly went viral, with many praising him for his actions during such stressful times.

In the end, the Lowe’s store did get another batch of generators. Melissa Rodriguez, the manager of the Orlando location, contacted Santiago later on Friday and informed Santiago that, for his act of kindness, Lowe’s was providing him with a generator free of charge.

“I wanted to make sure he receiving it because he deserved it,” said Rodriguez. “He’s the hero of the day.”