Armed Robber Targets Wendy’s. Customer Takes Him Out WWE Style. [VIDEO]

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A Grinch made headlines when he tried to rob a Wendy’s restaurant on Christmas day only to have his plans foiled by a good Samaritan. The good citizen didn’t use an orthodox method to thwart the would-be robber. Instead, he slammed a wooden chair from the restaurant over his head — WWE style.

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The unknown robber arrived at a California Wendy’s at 5:30 pm Christmas day. Surveillance footage showed the man wearing a pillowcase over his head to hide his identity.

The thief, who was armed with a large kitchen knife, made his way to the cashier and demanded all of the money inside the register. As mayhem ensued throughout the restaurant, one brave customer decided to step forward and use his unknown presence to his advantage.

According to the Daily Mail, a customer who only identified himself as Daniel grabbed a wooden chair located nearby and smashed it over the pillowcase-wearing robber’s head.

Footage of the 58-year-old good Samaratin smashing a chair over the robber’s head was captured by the fast food restaurant’s surveillance cameras. ABC13 reported the would-be robber was able to pick himself off the ground and stumble out to a grey sedan — his getaway vehicle.

On December 27, word spread of Daniel’s brave deed, and he spoke to a Fox News affiliate about the event.

“So I kept an eye on him,” Daniel said. “And then I noticed that he had a knife in his right hand. And he cut in the front of the line and went up to the cashier, brandished the knife, and said, ‘Give me the money.’ And then about two seconds later, he turns to somebody on his left and says, ‘She’ll take care of you in a minute.’ And that’s when I brought the chair down on his head.”

The hero explained that the only reason he was even there to stop the robbery was because he was visiting his elderly parents and didn’t want them to have to cook. So he went and got food for everyone. Daniel claimed he tried to chase after the suspect but says age worked against him.

“I’m 58 years old and it’s probably been maybe 15 years since I had to sprint,” he said. Daniel has since been identified as a former soldier in the Air Force.

Police are still searching for the suspect.