Armed Robber Shoots Himself in Crotch After Tucking Gun Into Waistband of His Sagging Pants

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Usually when someone does wrong, people talk about karma catching up to them eventually. However, a 19-year-old who tried to rob a hot dog stand, only to shoot himself in the crouch as he fled from the scene, got some instant karma. Authorities were able to locate the teen by his underwear, which was visible in the security footage.

Terrion Pouncey, who lives in Chicago, approached two employees of Maxwell Street Express Tuesday morning, pointing a handgun at the 39 and 45-year-old workers. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Pouncey at one point put the handgun to the 39-year-old’s head.

Pouncey demanded that they hand over their wallets and clear all of the money out of the till. According to the Daily Mail, one of the men was holding a bucket filled with grease at the time of the robbery.

As the men were handing the money over, the bucket of grease dumped over, catching Pouncey by surprise. With the money suddenly flying all around the hot dog stand, Pouncey grabbed all of the money he could and tossed his gun into his sagging pants as he ran off.

As he fled, Pouncey’s gun fired in his pants hitting him in the penis, according to Fox News. Pouncey didn’t make it very far before he collapsed and was forced to call 911, claiming he’d been shot.

After being taken to a nearby hospital, Pouncey was arrested by police. A nearby security camera had captured him running from the scene with his boxers clearly showing above his sagging pants. Authorities were able to positively identify Pouncey as the gunman once they matched his blood-stained boxers to the boxers seen in the video.

The teen is charged with two counts of robbery and possession of a stolen weapon. To add insult to injury (as if you could), the judge issued no bond as he recovers in the hospital.