Popeye’s Said They Were Out of Chicken. These Customers Pulled Out Guns.

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When a group went through the drive-thru at a Popeyes Chicken restaurant on Monday at approximately 9:00 pm local time, they were told that the chicken sandwiches they wanted were sold out. Instead of taking the news in stride, the group tried to get inside of the restaurant, and at least one of the customers was armed.

The incident took place at a Popeyes in Houston. According to a report by ABC 13, the group of irate customers consisted of two women, three men, and one baby.

After learning that the chicken sandwich was sold out, the mob tried to get inside the restaurant. One of the men pulled out a gun, but restaurant employees were able to lock the doors before anyone got into the establishment.

While the adults stormed the restaurant, the baby was left in the vehicle.

Law enforcement was contacted and made their way to the scene of the incident. However, the group left the area before the police arrived.

Houston police reached the restaurant just after 9:00 pm.

“It was more of an aggravated assault because he was displaying a weapon and threatened employees,” Lt. Larry Crowson of the Houston Police stated.

Police are examining security camera footage to see if any of the incident was recorded. No one was injured during the altercation.

Law enforcement said that the man who was holding the gun had small dreadlocks and tattoos on his face. He was last seen wearing a black shirt with red sleeves. The group left the restaurant in a blue SUV.

While the situation may seem humorous on the surface, those who live in and visit the area didn’t find the incident funny.

“He could have shot someone behind a chicken sandwich,” Fredrick Taylor stated. “Somebody could have lost their life because they ran out of chicken sandwiches.”