Arizona Man Arrested after Allegedly Using a Taser to Discipline His Son

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Police were notified of potential child abuse after a bus driver in Goodyear, Arizona, noticed “numerous scattered spot-like abrasions” on the right shoulder of an 11-year-old-boy. When asked about the origin of the injuries, the boy said his father, Darryl Ingram, was the one responsible. The boy went on to describe a “toy” that was used to cause the marks.


As reported by People, the boy described instances of abuse that occurred when he didn’t complete his homework. Including being hit with a cane, the boy would have to choose between being “whooped, or smacked 40 times, or shocked.” The shocks were administered from a Taser, a device, the boy said, his father began using on him more than a year ago.


According to the charging documents, the shocks would be administered to the boy’s arms, shoulders, and legs, with some single contacts lasting more than 30 seconds.

The boy alleged his father described the electroshock device as a toy, telling him the Taser “wasn’t charged all the way.”


Documents produce by the court state the boy was allegedly abused whenever he didn’t finish his homework or did “things he wasn’t supposed to do.”

Describing the most recent incident, the boy said he was hit by his father multiple times with a metal cane before choosing the be shocked instead of “whooped” or “smacked 40 times.”


Ingram, 49, was arrested and subsequently told detectives he did not own a Taser or a stun gun. He insisted he only used a faux Taser phone app. However, it was later revealed Ingram did possess a Taser, as one was found hidden in his car during a search.

The boy is now in the custody of his mother, and Ingram has been charged with child abuse.


After being released on bond, Ingram spoke with ABC 15 Arizona regarding the abuse allegations and said, “I was telling him [the Taser] is a toy compared to what police use.” He went on to say he told his son, “If your behavior and the way you’re doing things continues on, somewhere down the line, this is something that is going to be used on you. You have to be obedient.”