Arizona Deputy Shoots ‘ISIS-supporting terrorist’ Who Charged Him with Knife

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The details surrounding the shooting of Ismail Hamed are hard to fathom. The teenager self-identified as a terrorist, and openly pledged his allegiance to ISIS. He said as much when he called police and asked that an officer come to see him. When an officer arrived, Hamed attacked him with rocks and a knife.

This isn’t Syria, though, or Iraq. This is Maricopa County in Arizona. Hamed, just 18, invited the Sheriff’s department to send a deputy to his home. As the video below shows, the encounter was tense. Hamed kept a hand inside his sweatshirt’s pocket, and was behaving oddly.

The incident occurred on January 7 of this year. Hamed is believed to have been on a mission to “promote terror.”

On Thursday, Sheriff Paul Penzone detailed the attack and narrated the video. He also played the 911 call Hamed made prior to the incident.

“I would like to do something in protest for the people suffering in Palestine and in the Middle East,” he says on the recording.

“I owe my allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”

When the deputy confronted Hamed in the parking lot of the apartment complex, Hamed refused to comply. At one point, he threw a rock at the deputy and then pulled a knife.

“Back off!” the deputy told him. “Drop it. Drop the knife. I will you shoot you.”

When Hamed moved closer to him, and then charged, the deputy shot him twice. Hamed survived the shooting and was hospitalized. He’s been charged with aggravated assault. He is also facing terrorism charges.

The first press release on the odd occurrence read as follows. “On the afternoon of Monday, January 7, 2019 a caller repeatedly called 911 stating he wanted to talk to an MCSO deputy at the MCSO Fountain Hills Substation located at 16705 E. Ave. of the Fountains, Fountain Hills, AZ.”

“At approximately 5:35pm an MCSO Sergeant went outside to the substation parking lot and contacted the subject, later identified as an 18-year old male from Fountain Hills.”

“The male subject began throwing rocks at Sergeant. The suspect then brandished a knife and advanced towards the Sergeant, despite his repeated commands for him to drop the weapon.”

“The Sergeant discharged his service weapon which incapacitated the suspect. First aid was rendered on scene and the suspect was transported to the hospital. At the time of this release the suspect is expected to survive his injuries.”

“The investigation into this incident is ongoing and more details will be released as they become available.”

Here is the news conference that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office held after the incident. Hamed has plead not guilty to the charges, and will stand trial.