Arizona Criminal Tries To Acquire Animal Accomplices

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Nathaniel Buck Harrison maybe a first among criminals. Twice in his less than successful career, Nathan has tried to get the support of the forces of nature.

After breaking into a man’s house and loudly accusing the man of being a ‘rat’, and assaulting the man with a floor board, Nathaniel spotted a rattlesnake that slithered into the room. He then spent the remainder of his police-free time encouraging the snake to bite the 53 year old victim.

It appears that Nathaniel’s failed attempt at parsletounge is not a unique case, however. Mr. Harrison once, according to Suzi Riddell, the supervisor of the mobile home park where the assault took place. Suzi reports that Mr. Harrison has thrown wasp nests at neighbors doors, in some attempt to woo the animal kingdom.

Despite all his efforts, Mr. Harrison was arrested and charges have been pressed. The snake left the scene without police questioning.