Apple’s Hidden Search Feature is Creeping Women Out

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Apple has an eventful month ahead with the iPhone X being released in a mere few weeks, and the hype for everything Apple at an all-time-high. The hype may be dying down though among women consumers once they discovered that Apple’s AI has been cataloging women’s bra photos.

One eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed something strange on her phone and warned other women of a possible shady activity happening on their own cherished devices. Twitter user @Ellieeewbu posted that if you go to your photo folder and type in “brassieres,” you may find private photos that you took that have all been downloaded into a folder on the device.

In 2016, Apple began to allow its AI component to categorize photo albums that people would like to easily accessed.

Apparently, AI now recognizes what a woman in a bra looks like, and it has made folders for it. Model Chrissy Teigen posted her own “brassiere” photo album to Twitter to get the message out to her millions of followers.


She also pointed out that, strangely, other forms of clothing were not searchable like underwear or shirts.


Since Apple incorporated its AI function, people have reported it is easier to find things now that the device can categorize for you rather than you having to take the time to do it. This idea of self-sorting is nothing new. In 2015, Google Photos implemented a similar algorithm that would help to search for photos using tags.

Now, Google’s algorithm didn’t go as far as creating a “brassiere” folder, but as The Guardian points out, it isn’t like someone is scanning through your photos back at Apple headquarters.

These are strictly your photos and this folder won’t even exist on your device if you don’t have any images of yourself in some state of undress. Sure, these tech advances may make it easier for people to find specific photos on their devices, but you still have to wonder where these photos might end up.