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Apple Engineers Would Rather Quit than Break Phone

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If you haven’t noticed, there’s a fairly public fight going on over whether the FBI can force Apple to de-encrypt a shooters phone. While the legal disputes have yet to be settled, another wrinkle has emerged: the engineers told to do so might just quit.

The New York Times reports that even if ordered to do so, a number of security engineers and executive have stated in interviews that they would simply balk at the work or leave the company. This sort of rebellious nature is, according to the Times, at the core of the company which remains steadfastedly anti-authoritarian. The Apple legal statement says as much:

“Such conscription is fundamentally offensive to Apple’s core principles and would pose a severe threat to the autonomy of Apple and its engineers,” Apple’s lawyers wrote in their legal briefing.

And given the tech worlds feeling on the case, the loss of a job doesn’t seem permanent. Hiring a do-gooder who had to quit because of government actions would probably only boost your credentials.