Anti-Trump Protester Poses as Member of Press to Get Close Enough to Throw Objects at President

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A protester was able to through several objects toward President Donald Trump on Tuesday as he walked through the Capitol on his way to lunch with Senate Republicans. Trump was entering the lunch area with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when the man began lobbing flags in his direction while screaming, “Trump is treason.”

As reported by NBC News, Trump didn’t even flinch when the handful of small Russian flags were hurdled his direction. Instead, his only reaction was a quick thumbs up.

The man, who was soon arrested by local police, was identified as Ryan Clayton.

During the incident, Clayton shouted, “The president has conspired with agents of the Russian Government,” as he was subdued by security personnel.

He continued, “We should be talking about treason in Congress, not about tax cuts!”

While Trump was in no immediate danger, the incident could be seen as a security breach. While the general public can access the inside of the Capitol complex for tours or various appointments, Ryan reportedly posed as a member of the press throughout the morning and was spotted in a group of journalists that were speaking with Sen. Bob Corker earlier in the day.

All entrants pass through metal detectors on the way in but are not necessarily subjected to the sorts of searches that would have found the flags.

Clayton can be heard identifying himself as part of “Americans Take Action” during videos of the incident.

The group reportedly identifies as “a network of populists who believe that the American government should represent we the people once again, that the economy should work for all of us, and that the internet should remain free and open for generations to come.”

Clayton was quickly handled by onsite security forces and subsequently arrested by US Capitol Police. Clayton has been charged with unlawful conduct for the flag throwing incident.

Clayton was reported involved in a similar incident in July. A man, who identified himself as “Ryan Clayton with Americans Take Action,” stood with reporters and attempted to hand a Russian flag to Jared Kushner while asking Kushner to sign it.