Another Southwest Airlines Plane Just Had a Window Blowout and Make Emergency Landing

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Just two weeks after a woman was partially sucked out of a window on a Southwest aircraft and the plane was forced to make an emergency landing, a second Southwest Airlines passenger plan had a window blow out and had to divert course. At a height of 26,000 feet, the outside panel of the window shattered.

The incident took place on Southwest Flight 957, which was flying from Chicago to Newark. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing approximately two hours into the flight after the window broke and the aircraft was diverted to Cleveland, Ohio.

Southwest issued a statement but didn’t confirm what caused the window to shatter. They said the aircraft landed “uneventfully” and it appears that no one was injured.

“The Crew of Southwest Flight 957, with scheduled service from Chicago-Midway to Newark, made the decision to divert the plane to Cleveland for maintenance review of one of the multiple layers of a window pane,” said the airline, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

“The flight landed uneventfully in Cleveland. The aircraft has been taken out of service for maintenance review, and our local Cleveland Employees are working diligently to accommodate the 76 Customers on a new aircraft to Newark.”

One of the passengers, Alejandro Anguina, tweeted about the incident.

“On my way to NJ for work and #Southwest957 gets a window crack. Only outside crack, so we’re all safe,” said Anguina. “On our way to NJ in new plane. Thanks to the @SouthwestAir crew and pilots for handling it professionally.”

A second passenger released a video on Twitter showing the flight crew directing the passengers off the aircraft after the emergency landing.

“We’re going to walk you right onto the plane next door, and we’re going to get you taken care of,” said a member of the flight crew in the clip.

The incident comes just two weeks after a woman was partially sucked out of a window that broke when a piece of the engine smashed into the plane. Jennifer Riordan, a mother of two, died from her injuries.

An initial investigation showed that the fan blade on the engine succumbed to metal fatigue, leading it to break and causing an engine explosion. Shrapnel from the blast struck the plane, shattering the window.