Another Shooting at a Waffle House. This Time an Armed Citizen Fought Off Two Armed Bad Guys.

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The Waffle House has been in the news lately. Four people at a Waffle House were killed when a man came in shooting last week. He was stopped by a customer who wrestled the gun away from him. There was another shooting last week, too, one that hasn’t been in the national spotlight, as it was a customer who fired first, and ended an armed robbery.

Ernest Thomas. 19, is charged with one count of armed robbery and one count of attempted armed robbery that occurred in a Waffle House in New Orleans. The incident happened last Thursday night.

Two armed men entered the restaurant. Thomas jumped the counter and demanded the cashier open the register. The other acted as a lookout. One of the men robbed a customer of $8. Both had handguns.

A customer, yet to be identified, was also armed. The unidentified assailant moved toward this customer, demanding money and pointing his gun. The man drew, and this man fled. He ran out of the Waffle House.

Thomas, though, didn’t run. Not at first. He pointed his gun at the customer, who fired. As he was firing, Thomas was hit. He made it out of the store.

“Detectives located a blood trail outside the business to the area where the waiting car had been parked,” Fox writes. “Detectives alerted local hospitals for any recent gunshot victims.”

Later, a car matching that description dropped Thomas off at a local hospital before speeding away. He matched the description witnesses had given at the scene.

Thomas had bullet wounds in his arm, hip, and back.

“Detectives checked with NOPD dispatch there had been no reports of gunshots in the city for the time period,” Fox adds.

Charges against Thomas are likely. His accomplice has not been apprehended. The detectives also believe that Thomas and his accomplice are connected to other robberies in the area, including an armed hold-up at a Burger King earlier this month.

And it isn’t the first time Thomas (left above) has been in trouble. “Police arrested 17-year-old Ernest Thomas and 18-year-old Jonathan Davis [above right] in connection with a March 10 shooting in Central City,” Fox wrote in 2016.