American Special Forces Kill 170, Capture ISIS Capital in Afghanistan

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During an operation in Deh Bala, an area in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border, American Green Berets worked with three Afghan commando companies to combat ISIS in the region. The US military has confirmed that, during the operation, approximately 170 terrorists were killed in the ISIS capital, and the area is no longer in the hands of terrorists.

The joint US-Afghan assault took place between April and was largely completed by early June. Around 600 Green Berets took part in the operation along with their Afghan counterparts. In the end, no allied casualties were reported.

“This was one of the main green zones that did two things. One, it provided money, finance, logistics to ISIS and we’ve taken that away from them,” said Lt. Col. Josh Thiel, a representative for the US First Special Forces Group.

“Additionally, ISIS was using this as a site to prepare and move high-profile attacks on Kabul and Jalalabad.”

ISIS forces had attempted to set up a local capital in the region. US Special Forces teams, operating out of a base near Gargari, supported Afghan commandos in fighting against the terrorists, ultimately putting a halt to their efforts.

Over several days of heavy fighting in June, 167 ISIS fighters were killed, and a significant amount of equipment was secured.

The US has been heavily involved in counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan along with NATO and Afghan forces.

Militants who claimed loyalty to the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), a local affiliate of the ISIS movement, originally began appearing in Nangarhar approximately four years ago.

Since that time, the group has garnered a reputation for brutality, including executions by beheading and explosion.

The Deh Bala militants were using illegal logging and talc mining to fund their operations, according to a report by the Daily Mail. They also exploited the local population to support their objectives.