Final Decision Made on “Agressive” American Flag on Laguna Beach Police Cars

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On Tuesday night, members of the Laguna Beach City Council voted on the controversial American flag design that was added to some police vehicles. The vote came after some residents in the area expressed concern over the image, calling it “aggressive” and fearing that it would make legal immigrants or minorities feel unwelcome.

At least 200 residents attended the meeting regarding the future of the flag design, and police officers guarded the council chamber doors for safety reasons.

Some in attendance donned red, white, and blue attire. Others wore veterans’ hats or American Legion hats.

One woman even began singing the national anthem, and many others joined in on the song. Several attendees recited poems.

Some speakers did have issues with the chosen design, which involves a black-and-white color scheme for the vehicles and the image of an American flag inside some of the lettering.

Patrick Cannon, a Laguna Beach resident, said the design highlighted “ICE” in the logo since it was written mainly in red, making him think of “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” when he sees the image.