American Airlines Sued by Family of Newlywed Woman Who Died on Flight after Pilot ‘Refused’ to Land Plane

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In April 2016 Brittany Oswell and her newlywed husband Cory were flying from Hawaii to Texas when Brittany felt “disoriented and dizzy.” While speaking with flight attendants, Brittany began slurring her words before passing out. A doctor who was onboard the flight pleaded with the pilot to divert for an emergency landing.

Brittany, a 25-year-old nurse, regained consciousness and proceeded to the bathroom where she was said to have passed out again and defecated on herself.

The pilots disregarded the onboard doctor’s recommendation that they needed to land so Brittany could receive immediate emergency care.

When she did finally arrive in Texas, she was taken to a nearby hospital. Three days later she was declared brain dead from an embolism.

Last week, Brittany’s family and husband filed a lawsuit against American Airlines proclaiming that she would have lived if the pilot had diverted when the onboard doctor told him to. According to the lawsuit, the flight captain had to be “wakened” to be made aware of the situation.

According to the Daily Mail, the pilot consulted an American Airline employed doctor over the phone. It’s unclear what the on-call doctor told the pilot, but the pilot decided to continue to fly to Texas, which was another 90 minutes away.

The doctor who was abroad the flight went back to check on Brittany at one point and found her unresponsive without a pulse. The lawsuit stated that the doctor tried to give CPR and used a defibrillator to revive her, but he indicated that the defibrillator was apparently defective as there was no electrical pulse from the paddles despite multiple attempts.

Two days after she was brought to a Texas hospital, Brittany had a second embolism, which doctors claimed was in response to the cardiac arrest she suffered on the plane. On the third day in the hospital, the newlywed was declared dead.

The lawsuit against American Airlines was filed on the second anniversary of her death, Fox News reported. The airline says it is looking into the allegations before making a statement on the matter.