Amazon’s AI Goes Crazy in the Funniest Way Imaginable

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Amazon is usually one of the leaders in cutting edge technology, and they have the sales to prove it. But sometimes cutting edge technology has a few mishaps — and in this case – a hilarious mishap. Amazon created an artificial intelligence bot that was supposed to create relevant and sought-after phone cases using popular image searches.

Instead, the images that it pulled up were unexpected, to say the least. The phone cases  created by Mr. Handy Designed came up as a most popular image search for cell phone covers, but really? These images are some of the top searched on the web?

Some of the most “creative” designs advertised on Amazon consisted of a man cutting cheese on another man’s belly, an elderly man in a diaper walking with the assistance of a crutch and even a vaginal discomfort phone case.

It also appears that drug use and drug paraphernalia are popular searches on the internet as well with multiple phone case images popping up that would be a delightful gift for … the addict in your life?

Consumers seem to be just as confused as we are. Many gave poor product ratings based on Amazon’s five-star rating system.

Some found the humor in all this madness. Twitter has been abuzz with people making memes of the case designs. There have even been tweets of what happens with an AI goes bad.

And don’t get us started on the images AI found for female care products.

It’s apparent that the algorithm that Amazon was using for its AI has gone awry, or one has to wonder who is searching the Internet these days? And who determines what constitutes a most popular image search? But a word of advice? Don’t expect these to be at the top of anybody’s Christmas list in December.

h/t IFL Science