Alligators Caught on Camera Climbing Fences, Swimming in Roadways in Florida

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It isn’t a secret that alligators are prevalent in Florida, occasionally making their way into public areas, like golf courses and swimming pools. However, recently released social media videos have shown the often-dangerous reptiles doing some unexpected things, including swimming in the middle of a busy roadway after stormwater collected and even climbing a fence.

One video featured an alligator sitting in an intersection. According to a report by CNN, St. Petersburg, Florida, recently experienced a massive downpour, causing water to collect on the roads.

Roger Light Jr., the Facebook user who posted the clip, quipped, “OK, Who is playing Jumanji in Saint Petersburg, Florida?” in the post’s caption.

“First all this rain, flooding and now alligators [wandering] around in the roads/jumping fences. This alligator startled me, when out of nowhere I saw it coming towards me when I was stopped at the traffic light in front of WaWa on Gandy Blvd and Grand Ave.,” wrote Light. “I was wondering why people were out video taping in the pouring rain and people backing up in the right turn lane that the gator was in.”

“One minute I’m just looking around waiting for traffic light to turn green and [then] next thing I knew I see this gator coming towards me on my passenger side lol.”

The second clip showed an alligator scaling a fence at Jacksonville’s naval air station on Saturday. The alligator managed to pull itself up and over the barrier near one of the support posts.

The alligator carefully lowered itself down face first, seemingly handling the landing with little issue.

“Only in Florida,” the caption read, which also noted that the video was provided to a news outlet by a viewer.