“Allahu Akbar!” – ISIS Members Storm Catholic Church in France. Slit Priest’s Throat

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France has been the victim of yet another ISIS affiliated terror attack. This time, the attack was highly targeted. A priest is dead and a nun is fighting for her life. [Scroll Down For Video]

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Two men burst into a church in the Normandy city of Rouen. The men reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar!” before forcing 84-year-old priest, Jacques Hamel, to his knees and slitting his throat while filming it.

The pair of attackers then brutally attacked a nun who is currently in critical condition and fighting for her life.

In a statement, the Vatican said Pope Francis shares the ‘sorrow and horror’ felt over the incident, adding: ‘We are particularly struck because this horrible violence has occurred in a church – a sacred place where we pronounce God’s love – with the barbaric murder of a priest and worshippers affected.’

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The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said: ‘Evil attacks the weakest, denies truth and love, is defeated through Jesus Christ. Pray for France, for victims, for their communities.’

The Archbishop of Rouen Dominique Lebrun, who cut short a visit to Poland to return to his diocese and was due to meet Mr Hollande on Tuesday evening, said: ‘I cry to God with all men of good will. The only arms which the Catholic Church can take up are prayer and brotherhood between men.’

According a CBS Report:

Police managed to rescue three others from church in the small northwestern town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Brandet told reporters, and the two attackers were killed outside the building.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group claimed the attack later on Tuesday via the group’s affiliated Amaq News Agency.

French President Francois Hollande had earlier suggested that ISIS was behind the “vile terrorist attack,” and said it was another sign of France’s war with the extremist group.

The new British Prime Minister, Theresa May, immediately scheduled a press conference and came out very strongly against the attack, saying, ‘my condolences to the French people following the sickening attack in Northern France this morning’, adding: ‘Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.’

‘We all face a terror threat. If you look at the national threat level here in the United Kingdom, it is at severe. That means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.

‘What is necessary is for us all to work together, and stand shoulder to shoulder with France. We offer them every support we have in dealing with this issue and this threat that they, and the rest of us, are facing.

‘But on one thing, I think, we are all absolutely clear, and that is the terrorists will not prevail.

‘They are trying to destroy our way of life. They are trying to destroy our values. We have shared values and those values will win through and the terrorists will not win.’

The United States State Department released a generic message of support.

A video report from RT describes the event: