All Out Brawl Breaks Out on Plane as Crew Struggles to Contain It [VIDEO]

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Airlines have been in the news lately because of poor customer service, poor policies and poor decisions. It seems like every day there’s a new video of airlines behaving badly. A video posted online late Monday night shows an all out brawl between two unruly passengers aboard a stationary Japanese ANA flight. But this time, the airline isn’t to blame.


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Two unnamed passengers can be seen arguing although the reason for the argument is not clear. The man in the Hawaiian shirt, who looked to be the aggressor in the fight, was allegedly already drunk prior to boarding. The other passenger, wearing a black shirt, appears to simply be defending himself.


Passengers behind the brawlers immediately vacate their seats; one woman carried an infant baby away from the two enraged passengers.


“Someone help! This guy is crazy,” one of the brawling men shouted. The man in the Hawaiian shirt can be heard telling his opponent that he’ll “kill him.” The employees are able to separate the two men for a short period of time. As the man wearing the Hawaiian shirt begins to walk away the other brawler yells, “Get this guy off this plane.”

That apparently set the drunk passenger off again as he suddenly ran back down the walkway and charged the man in the black shirt once more.


The employees are able to break up the fight a second time, but not before the man in the black manages to hit to his assailant.

Japan Today reported the incident and disclosed that while being removed from the flight, the 44-year-old American then choked an ANA employee and was charged with assault.


Although the video doesn’t show the assault on the airline employee, various reports from witnesses on the flight confirmed that the drunken passenger became enraged once again while being escorted off the plane and began choking the ANA employee.


The passenger in the black shirt was not arrested as law enforcement deemed he acted in self-defense.