Alabama Fan Has Groom’s Cake Ruined by His LSU Graduate Bride [VIDEO]

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College rivalries can run incredibly deep, and even a wedding isn’t enough of an event for some to set aside their differences. On Friday, Johnny Campbell, an Alabama fan, was celebrating his Alabama-themed groom’s cake during his wedding reception when he discovered a surprise his LSU graduate bride had left for him.

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The celebration was taking place at Magnolia Plantation in Harahan, Louisiana, according to a report by WAFB. After sharing their wedding vows and enjoying their first dance as a married couple, it was time to cut the cake.

Campbell had a fairly simple groom’s cake, though it did involve a very specific theme, featuring only the letter “A” and the Crimson Tide’s color scheme for the frosting. However, his new wife, Bekka, an LSU graduate, decided a little sabotage was in order.

Nicole Torbert, a guest at the wedding, stated that Campbell had been gleefully showing off his groom’s cake throughout the reception. However, many of those in attendance were LSU fans.

As he began to cut the cake, an “L-S-U!” chant began to circulate through the room instead of the “Roll Tide” he was expecting.

Campbell made a few slices while camera flashes glinted around him, revealing a surprise color scheme beneath the frosting.

The cake was purple and gold beneath the red and white iced exterior.

Torbert said the surprise was entirely the bride’s idea, though others knew what was coming before Campbell cut the cake. However, the secret was kept, ensuring Campbell’s reaction would be genuine.

Torbert recorded the event, sharing a video of Campbell’s surprise on Facebook, where it has been viewed over 328,000 times in just 15 hours.

The footage also made its way onto YouTube, garnering another 60,000 views.